Graphic Design

From logos to 50-foot pole signs. Some designs come free while others can range from $10/hr to $50/hr.

  1. Free design time is included with banners and basic signage purchases. If you have agreed on a price and have paid your deposit, then we will provide most designs at no charge.
  2. Free design time is also included if you have professional images and you provide them to us. We can then quickly provide the quotes you need by combining the estimate with your artwork.
  3. Designs from scratch are determined by the outcome the design will be used for. Examples are small logos, vector files, vehicle wraps, or engineering plans.


Maybe you are in need of some direction for a start up, need an entire branding model, or a professional 2nd opinion. 

  1. TRUST US! This is a wise thing to do, mainly to avoid becoming one of the hundreds of business owners who give thousands of dollars toward a deposit that come to discover sad outcomes. Examples: Hiring a non-licensed sign contractor, hiring a designer that has no idea how signs work, hiring the least expensive person that normally results in delays which create a loss in business. These situations commonly result in businesses going out of business! :(
  2. Consulting is charged by time; in addition, customers receive discounted prices toward Graphic Design time.

Sign Estimates

Sign estimates are typically free. Here is how to receive a free sign estimate.  

  1. Call us at 225-SIGN - We will ask a series of questions to determine the type of sign(s) you are looking for and we can provide you with a quote over the phone. If you require specific sign criteria or to be uniform to your neighbor's signs, then we prefer to visit with you at the location to ensure a more accurate quote is provided.
  2. Online estimate form - Fill out the estimate form listed here. Please fill in all the fields to the best of your ability, upload pictures of your building, the street sign, or any examples of what you are looking for. The more detail we receive from you will help us to provide you with a faster estimate. NOTE: Unless you provide quality artwork of your logo, we do not release artwork with the free estimate; unless purchased from us or if you have filled out our non-disclosure agreement.


From small non-lit signs to large electrical signs - We understand what our customer's needs are. All fabrications have multiple resources that best fit your final outcome. It's very similar to building a house; you need a professional team of various builders and suppliers to keep your family safe and to ensure the integrity for years to come.   

  1. We in-house most of the non-lit signs such as vinyl, decals, banners, and small signs that are produced quick for a fast delivery time.
  2. For large format printing and specialty products, we start the production of the job while our vendors help complete the finished product. The same is also said for larger non-lit signs and larger specialty jobs.  
  3. LED signs also known as Video Screens or EMC's (Electronic Message Centers) are 100% produced from the industry's leading suppliers here in the United States. Other competitors may say, "they are all built overseas and only assembled here in the U.S." and this fact may be somewhat true, however, I would still prefer to walk in to my favorite electronic store and select the right TV from a trusted brand, rather than purchase a no-name brand from an online auction.  
  4. Channel letters, cabinet signs, and most larger signs that require UL listed tags are all purchased from an award winning fabrication company right here in San Antonio. We pay top dollar for our larger signs and we would not have it any other way! I personally know the owner of this supplier and we know they fabricate the highest quality products in the nation, ensuring that your sign lasts for years to come.

Timely Turnaround Times

What to expect when you're expecting…A Big Sign! The average turnaround times are 30 days after the permit has been approved. ​Email now. Installations range from window graphics, to vehicle letters, and from small non-lit signs to permitted lit signs.

  1. Most signs that do not require permits are normally installed through our company or a qualified installer.
  2. We do not install signs that are being shipped out of the state.  
  3. Signs that require permits are installed through Bell Electric and SA Signs, or sub-contracted through Bell Electric and SA Signs to a Licensed and Insured sign installer. All large sign installs are supervised by Bell Electric and SA Signs Master Electrician/Licensed Electrical Sign Contractor.
  4. 1-3 business days: An estimate is provided and a commitment is agreed upon. Your initial deposit must clear the bank if paid by check or charge.  
  5. 3-15 business days: The final artwork and renderings must be approved by you, your landlord if required, and the Development Services Sign Division.  
  6. 5-30 business days: If your artwork must be approved from a separate association (i.e. Stone Oak or the Historic Division) this approval must be attached to the Development Services sign permit application before submitting it to the city. The city will not approve any application without the approval first.
  7. 21-40 business days: Only after all the required signatures and approvals have been completed and passed, then we begin the fabrication process.  
  8. 3-10 business days: When the signs are near the end of the fabrication process, then we will schedule the installation according to normal on-site allowances. Installs are scheduled around permitted weather, during minimal vehicle and/or foot traffic times, in conjunction with cranes or second installers on larger projects, and normal holiday schedules